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Return to the Forbidden Planet title graphic
for license by Joseph Weinberger Ltd / Musical Theatre International art by Garen Ewing art director Sean Gray stamp design by Webb & Webb Design Ltd for Royal Mail

In 2005 I was commissioned by theatrical publisher and licenser Josef Weinberger to create a new poster for Bob Carlton's Sci-Fi musical, Return to the Forbidden Planet. Six years later it was selected from over 150 years worth of theatrical art to be part of a British Musicals set designed by Webb & Webb, approved by Her Majesty the Queen, and launched by Queen's Roger Taylor and Brian May at the Dominion Theatre in London.

poster for the Return to the Forbidden Planet musical, art  by Garen Ewing
Royal Mail stamps with Garen Ewing's art for the Return to the Forbidden Planet musical
British Musicals stamp set 2011 from Royal Mail
The British Musicals stamp set

Concept sketches

Concept sketches for the Return to the Forbidden Planet poster, by Garen Ewing

Return to the Forbidden Planet - comic panel style

Return to the Forbidden Planet artwork copyright Josef Weinberger Ltd.

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