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The Adventures of Julius Chancer by Garen Ewing

Created, written and drawn by me, my adventure comic, The Rainbow Orchid, was winner of a British Comic Award in 2013, as well as being named The Observer's Graphic Novel of the Month and one of the Best Graphic Novels of 2012. Published in English by Egmont, it has been translated into French, Dutch, German, Danish and Spanish.

You can visit the dedicated Julius Chancer website here.

awards and titles

The Rainbow Orchid volume 1
The Rainbow Orchid volume 2
The Rainbow Orchid volume 3
The Complete Rainbow Orchid
The Adventures of Julius Chancer - The Secret of the Samurai
The Adventures of Julius Chancer - The Brambletye Box

... I couldn't like it more if I tried ... It is all so beautifully done: the historical references are spot on ... the dialogue is pitch perfect ... the result is one of the most satisfying comics around, whether you are a small boy, or a grown woman. Rachel Cooke, The Observer
a page from The Rainbow Orchid
a page from The Rainbow Orchid
a page from The Rainbow Orchid
a page from The Rainbow Orchid
a page from The Secret of the Samurai
a page from The Secret of the Samurai
The art is outstanding ... Clever, engaging comic storytelling of the highest order, the whole Rainbow Orchid saga is a treat right to the nicely biting end. Conor Carton, Dancing With Skeletons
Julius at Karachi Station
Samurai battle
The postman visits Sir Alfred's house
Into the Hindu Kush
His page composition is spectacular, moving the story along while keeping things visually dynamic ... It's also sophisticated enough to appeal to a slightly older audience while still more than suitable to give to a child ... Ewing has created a rich and vibrant world populated with intriguing characters ... Joel Meadows, Tripwire
Julius Chancer bookshelf including translations

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