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This page shows a selection of covers for various books and magazines, across a variety of styles - including line illustration, digital painting and photographic.

Arni's Epic Adventures, JCDecaux
A Christmas Carol play book cover, Josef Weinberger
Fine Food Digest cover, 2023
Fine Food Digest cover, 2022
The Complete Rainbow Orchid
Great Taste Book 2018
Great Taste Book 2019
Great Taste Book 2020
Book cover: Dead Reckoning
Book cover: Spirit Level
Book cover: Mother Christmas
Imperial Fizz cover
Alice Ravenwood and the Tomb of Saint George cover
Scrooge and Marley (Deceased) by Jonathan Green
Ground Rules cover
Best Brands 2015
Greenwash cover
All the Great Books (Abridged) cover
Book cover: Death by Fatal Murder
Book cover: Murdered to Death
Book cover: Sleighed to Death
The Pirate Pretender cover
Goodnight Mister Tom cover
The Naked Truth cover
The Rocketbelt Caper
The Rainbow Orchid volume 1
The Rainbow Orchid volume 2
The Rainbow Orchid volume 3
The Adventures of Julius Chancer - The Secret of the Samurai
Unearthed cover
The Book of the Dead cover
The Night in Question cover
Lost / Found cover
Food and Drink magazine, Wales 2020
Monumeta by Roger Warner cover
The Reunion cover
Sleep No More cover
Good Cheese magazine
Last of thre Summer Wine cover
Book cover: I Want That Hair
The Bible, the Complete Word of God (Abridged) cover
Book cover: A Kick in the Baubles
Internal Communication Focus magazine cover
Tunnels and Trolls 6th edition cover
Best Brands magazine 2018
Grow Up Grandad cover

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