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The Scariofyers logo, designed by Garen Ewing
illustrator/designer Garen Ewing produced by Bafflegab Productions art director Simon Barnard

From 2006 until 2017 I was the illustrator and designer of the covers, logo and packaging for The Scarifyers, an audio comedy-mystery-horror-adventure set in 1930s Britain. The central characters are played by Terry Molloy, Nicholas Courtney and David Warner, while other actors have included Brian Blessed, Nigel Havers, Philip Madoc and David Benson.

The Scarifyers 10: The Gnomes of Death
The Scarifyers 9: The King of Winter

The Scarifyers 1: The Nazad Conspiracy
The Scarifyers 2: The Devil of Denge Marsh
The Scarifyers 3: For King and Country
The Scarifyers 4: The Curse of the Black Comet
The Scarifyers 5: The Secret Weapon of Doom]
The Scarifyers 6: The Magic Circle
The Scarifyers 7: The Horror of Loch Ness
The Scarifyers 8: The Thirteen Hallows

The Scarifyers 10: The Gnomes of Death, interior sleeve - design and layout by Garen Ewing

Gnomes of Death sketch

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