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Playing Music

I have played in various local bands since 1990, playing bass guitar and singing (when I had to). We gigged all over the south east of England, the biggest one, with Steerpike, being at the Tilgate Prom in front of 7000 people. The East Grinstead band scene was once very lively (the 101 Club, The Crown, The Shelly Arms, The Wiremill) - you can see a 'band family tree' (77k) of bands I've been involved with, and others.

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May 1990 - August 1991: OVERTOAD
(16 gigs, 1 demo tape)

Overtoad played a number of blues-rock covers and quite a few originals too.

William Hensel (Keyboards, vocals), Alex Allen (guitar, vocals), Murray Ewing (guitar), Michael Jeffcoat (drums), Garen Ewing (bass guitar, vocals).

Overtoad: Take Your Place (low quality extract, 130k .AIF)
Overtoad: Take Your Place (high quality full version, 3.8mb .MP3)

September 1991: SPLIT
(1 gig)

A short lived three-piece. Whilst collecting all Split's recordings onto CD recently I was surprised to find we had about 20 songs from various incarnations of the trio.

Murray Ewing (guitar), Michael Jeffcoat (drums), Garen Ewing (bass guitar, vocals).

March 1992 - July 1993: STEERPIKE
(58 gigs, 2 'albums')

Steerpike built up a good local following and played from London to Brighton. It went through several incarnations.

Richard Longley (vocals, guitar), Clive Wright (drums), Matt Humphrey (guitar, vocals), Garen Ewing (bass guitar). Gary Bricknell later took over from Matt on guitar.

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Steerpike: Forest Fire (extract 104k .AIF file)

I played a few more gigs with the Steerpike line-up when they were called Daydream, then Dandy In The Underworld and later Jupter Liar. The band later included singer Alison Bell who, with Richard Longley, formed Taxi in London.

Summer 1995: SLIP
(3 gigs)

Playing an eccelctic mix of covers, Slip were formed to fill in a gig left by recently deceased band, Curious George. We bounced along for a couple more dates.

Richard Wright (vocals, guitar), Clive Wright (drums), Murray Ewing (guitar), Garen Ewing (bass guitar, vocals).

Summer 1996: BLIND DOG CREED mk I
(2 gigs, 1 CD)

Another fun band with some quite good original material.

Richard Wright (vocals, guitar), Stephen Haffenden (drums), Garen Ewing (bass guitar, vocals).

Blind Dog Creed: For The Girl (extract 80k .AIF file)
Blind Dog Creed: For The Girl (high quality full version, 2.9mb .MP3)

(3 gigs, 1 live CD)

The name was reused because we didn't come up with anything more suitable in time for our first gig.

Richard Wright (vocals, guitar), Steve Breese (drums), Garen Ewing (bass guitar).

Blind Dog Creed (live): Get on the Bus (extract 114k .AIF file)

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