The Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-1880
and the March from Kabul to Kandahar

"... on the 30th October [1878] the ultimatum was despatched to Sher Ali, informing him that, unless his acceptance of the conditions were received by the Viceroy not later than the 20th November, he would be treated by the British Government as a declared enemy."
- Field Marshal Lord Roberts, Forty-One Years in India, 1897.

This website is a developing online resource for anyone interested in knowing more about the Second Anglo-Afghan War of 1878-1880. It is also the home of the Second Afghan War database project, a collection of names, family histories and stories concerning those who participated in this lesser-known campaign from the days of Queen Victoria's British Empire.

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Soldiers of the 66th Foot watch the Royal Horse Artillery move forward in the days running up to Maiwand.

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