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Here are various writings by me which you can read at your leisure. Some have been published in magazines or fanzines, whilst others are yet to be published or are exclusive to this page.


Tony O' Donnell Interview: A chat with this skilled UK comics artist, early career collaborator with Grant Morrison, and illustrator on such titles as Near Myths, Redfox, Ghost Busters and Starblazer to name a few.

David O' Connell Interview: the creator of 'Tozo - the Public Servant'

In Defence of Hergé: The Tintin creator's wartime attitudes and dilemma.

The History of the Black Island: About Hergé's famous Tintin adventure set in Britain.


A Woman of Paris: Charlie Chaplin's forgotten masterpiece of silent film drama.

The Gamine: Paulette Goddard at charliechaplin.com


Silent Night: A Christmas ghost story


Articles on the Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878-80

The Ruins at Brambletye: a very short history

Me and Karate: Just a little musing on my path through the martial arts.

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