Steerpike play The Cure 1992

above: local entertainments guide
cover drawn by Garen, May 1992

Steerpike in early 1992

above and right: Steerpike in early 1992

Steerpike were formed in early 1992 and went through several line-ups until they finally disbanded in mid-1994. The initial line-up (March - July 1992) consisted of:
  • Richard Longley (vocals, guitar and keyboards)
  • Matt Humphrey (guitar, vocals)
  • Garen Ewing (bass guitar)
  • Clive Wright (drums)

This line-up played 16 gigs including a fair number of cover versions (original material increased as they went on), and these cover version included four songs by The Cure, another local band.

From this page you can listen to four tape recordings made at a gig that took place at The Ravenswood on 31 May 1992. Click on the song title to listen to the recording. To learn more, visit the Steerpike website.

In Between Days 2.7 Mb 2:21
Boys Don't Cry* 3.2 Mb 2:47
Love Cats 4.1 Mb 3:33
A Forest 7.5 Mb 6:33

All vocals by Richard except * by Matt.

Steerpike: the first line up

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