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Time machine
created by Garen.
Who is Garen Cameron Ewing?

Who indeed. See also 'All True' further down the page.

Right, let's get on with it then...
I am male, born 4th June 1969, and to answer an oft-asked question - my name was made up by my mum (with various stories* of its origin, most people say - 'that sounds Welsh!', which it isn't). Cameron is from my father's mother's family, the Cameron's of Clunie in Perthshire. My ancestors were farmers, soldiers, quarriers, coal miners, Romany Gypsies, lemonade makers, church beadles, cotton weavers, and contractors...

* Story 1: My mum liked the first half of Gary and the second half of Darren, and just put them together.
Story 2: My mum put all the letters from her name in a hat and pulled out five.

What do you do for a living?
I am an illustrator, comic strip writer and artist, and sometime designer and software/multimedia developer. I have been a mushroom farm worker, hotel porter and a cleaner.

I live in a house in East Grinstead which I share with my wife, Elyssa, who is the editor for the journal of the National Union of Teachers, 'The Teacher'. We have a cat called Tansy. I have also lived in Los Angeles, Reading and Canterbury, though mostly in E.G.

East Grinstead!?
It's famous for having perhaps the highest concentration of 'alternative' religions in the country (none of which I belong to). Marc Bolan took his one and only driving lesson here. William Burroughs assembled 'The Soft Machine' whilst staying at the Brambletye Hotel. The Christmas carol 'Good King Wencenlas' was written at Sackville College by John Mason Neale. Benny Hill's 1965 LP 'The World of Benny Hill' featured a track called 'Warlords of East Grinstead'. The pop star, Louise, went to the same school as me, albeit a few years afterwards (Imberhorne). It's been mentioned by Kenneth Williams in his diaries, Alan Ayckbourne in a play of his, and on Monty Python. Visit East Grinstead on-line...

Anything interesting about you?
Er... well, I have been doing karate since 1985 (traditional karate rather than competitive), I do Yoga, I play bass guitar (and a bit of mandolin, banjo and theremin) though my band days are over (1991-2005, many bands, many gigs, from London to Brighton). I have taught both karate and bass guitar, though not at the same time. I also write and draw comic strips. See 'All True' after these photos...

tobi geri
steerpike live

I've been doing karate since 1985, both in England and in the U.S where my sensei was Shihan Takiyuki Kubota. The flying kick is directed at fellow karateka, Alex Allen.

This is Steerpike playing at The Harlequin in Redhill in 1993, when we wer at our dizzy heights. l-r: Gary Bricknell, me and Richard Longley. Clive Wright was the drummer.

Scotland shirt.
I'm in my 1978 Scotland World Cup shirt with my cousins and my brother, who has just banged his head on my dad's Mini and wears a Star Wars t-shirt (mum bought a load of Star Wars iron-ons to sell).
This was taken at Daledene, our old house, in about 1976. left to right: my brother about 5 yrs old, my mum (1941-1995) and me.


I have no belly button

I have three white eyelashes (actually the number seems to fluctuate).

I am a trained forklift driver (license expired!).

I was interviewed on Radio 4's 'Making History' by Sue Cook, as their Afghan War 'expert'.

I can sing Laurel and Hardy's version of 'The Trail of the Lonesome Pine' melody or harmony, and play it on the banjo.

Elyssa thinks I'm a cross between Calvin from 'Calvin and Hobbes', and Woody Allen (this may be out of date now).

I once wrote and recorded a song called 'Take Your Place' which the National Rainbow Party wanted to use as an anthem on their election promotional video. I never discovered if they actually did...

I have been a member of the Chaplin Society, the Rider Haggard Society, the Victorian Military Society and the Tay Valley Family History Society.

I am a member of the Romany & Traveller Family History Society.

I subscribe to BBC History Magazine. My brother gives me his old MacWorlds.

I have jammed with Woody Woodmansey, drummer with David Bowie's Spiders from Mars, when he got up on stage at a gig I was playing at (if I recall correctly it was a blues in some horrible key like F, or Eb).

I have never had an alcoholic drink. (Hope that's okay).

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