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Here are various writings by me which you can read at your leisure. Some have been published in magazines or fanzines, whilst others are yet to be published or are exclusive to this page.


A chat with this skilled UK comics artist, early collaborator with Grant Morrison, and illustrator on such titles as Near Myths, Redfox, Ghost Busters and Starblazer to name a few (1997).

The creator of 'Tozo - the Public Servant' about his creation, influences and some of his other work (2008).

The Tintin creator's wartime attitudes and dilemma (1995).

About Hergé's famous Tintin adventure set in Britain (1996).


Charlie Chaplin's forgotten masterpiece of silent film drama (1997).

Biographical article on the actress who starred alongside Chaplin in Modern Times and The Great Dictator, hosted at at (1999).

Ozu's 1953 family drama classic (2010).

Speilberg's long-awaited CGI adaptation (2011).

Abel Gance's silent epic, in a rare showing at the Royal Festival Hall in 2013.


Archive of articles I've written on the subject of this little-known Victorian campaign.

A gallery and short history of this local ruin.

Various research and writings on karate.


A Christmas ghost story (2003).

More to come