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Curious Expedition 2 title

Taishi Academy

I struggled for a while to come up with an idea for the Taishi Academy's headquarters until I came round to the concept of a 'floating library', a place where enlightened minds are so focussed on the acquisition of knowledge that physical mass has little meaning.

Taishi Academy rough sketch development 1
Taishi Academy rough sketch development 2
The Taishi Academy floating library

Mole Tribe

I really enjoyed working on the various cultures that populate the islands of Curious Expidition 2, including African, Mesoamerican, Salamander, Peacocks, Tanuki, Picts, Kobolds, the Pale Masks, and the Moles. Here's some development work for the mining moles.

selection of early mole sketches
Mole tribe concept sketches
Mole charcater type concept sketches
Mole character sprites

Here's some development of the Pale Masks, with the last two representing the direction eventually taken.

Pale Masks concept sketches


The following sketches show some of the concepts I developed for the mysterious technologies of the Palikao that litter the islands.

Palikao golden seal 1
Palikao golden seal 2
Palikao blood altar
Palikao portal sketch

Palikao ancient tech machine 2
Palikao ancient tech machine 1
Ancient Tech machine

A few other sketches ...

glowing jungle tree design needle plants sketch
Avalon Plains shrine entrance 1 Avalon Plains shrine entrance 2 Avalon Plains shrine entrance 3
Meso leader's hall 1 Meso leader's hall 1
Mole leader's hall
shrine concept sketch
preliminary drawing for shipwreck

Curious Expedition 2 game and artwork copyright Maschinen-Mensch 2022

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