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The Rainbow Orchid: online preview
Welcome to the online preview of The Rainbow Orchid, an adventure story set in the 1920s concerning the hazardous quest for a mythical flower. You can become a registered reader (it's free) to gain access to the members' area and receive the infrequent exclusive email newsletter.

The Rainbow Orchid is a classic mystery adventure comic strip in the Franco-Belgian school of bande dessinée as developed by Hergé, Edgar P. Jacobs, Yves Chaland and many others, though the story has a very British setting, even if a large part of the tale plays out in the Indian subcontinent and its lost valleys.

In book form it's available in three separate volumes, or as a single complete edition, from Egmont UK, and is also available in Dutch as De Regenboog Orchidee from Silvester Strips, in Spanish as La Orquidea Arcoiris from Netcom2 Editorial, in French as L'Orchidée Arc-en-ciel from BD Must, and in German as Die Regenbogen Orchidee from Salleck Publications.

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"Tightly-plotted, well-researched and beautifully drawn, this book is a real delight. Garen Ewing's mix of engaging characters, exciting old-school adventure, attractive ligne claire artwork and fluid storytelling makes The Rainbow Orchid easily one of the best graphic novels of the year."
- Bryan Talbot
(Grandville, Alice in Sunderland, The Tale of One Bad Rat etc.)

"Rainbow Orchid is fabulous. I've been recommending it left, right, centre."

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