Readers' letters and emails
“This comic is beautifully produced... superb artwork. Everything about it comes up to professional standards.”

“I read it all in one sitting and I felt sorry when I reached the last panel. Now I can’t wait for more. It’s one of the very few webcomics that I’d love to have in book format... Some panels made me hold my breath when I first saw them... I can’t wait for the next episode!”

“I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed Rainbow Orchid. I thought it was brilliant! I loved the meticulous historical detail... it really came to life in my head. The story was compelling - didn’t want to put it down to make the dinner - but wanted to make it last too. Can’t wait for part two!”

“The story is wonderful. You seem to have captured the period excellently. You have some great characters, all with their own little quirks and traits... the plot is nice and easy to follow with some funny little moments thrown in here and there (all of which made me chuckle). The art of course is of the highest quality and I can never praise it enough. A top piece of sequential art storytelling. A legend in the making! I shall be recommending it to anyone I can.”

“Apparently unconnected plot elements come together by the end of this first chapter, cleverly setting up the adventure to follow, and giving a really effective sense of escalating excitement. Top stuff!”

“Rainbow Orchid is fabulous. I’ve been recommending it left, right, centre. I especially like the characters, they are so likable and real, despite their (elegantly) stylised appearance. I found myself thinking of classic action, adventure and highclass glamour strips like Black Cat and Rocketeer, and the films that riff on that style, like the original Indiana Jones.”

“I’m waiting with bated breath for the next instalment!”

“Your drawings are awesome and your story is getting very intriguing. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful adventure. I really loved it!”

“I like the setting of the story - the time and the place. I like nearly all the characters, and there are a number of good female characters as well as male. My favourite character overall was Crumpole. I think the level of detail is just about right, and the ship on page 27 is fantastic!”

“Fantastic tale and great art!”

“This is one of the best comics I’ve read all year. I’m particularly impressed with the way you have managed to capture the atmosphere of 1920s Britain - it feels like taking a journey through a familiar yet romantic land. It is certainly refreshing to find such clear storytelling in a market where most mainstream artists seem to favour clutter and confusion over clarity. There is a definite beauty in the deceptive simplicity of the look of the comic which is a joy to behold.”

“Incredibly detailed and intricate... a wonderful thing to behold.”

“... I am taking the opportunity to congratulate you on this thoroughly satisfying comic... it certainly knocks spots off much of the contemporary crop of mainstream comics from the big American publishers...”

“My breath was taken away. Every page just oozes class. Very quickly you outline very clear characters - I already have a soft spot for William Pickle. I can see he may well become my favourite character. There are so many beautiful details in each panel that I could go on for hours, so I’ll just point out a couple of high points for me: the interplay between Pickle and Crumpole on page 4, third tier; the whole sequence with the sword on the top two tiers of page 7... this seems futile as I love the whole thing!”

“Both James and I love Rainbow Orchid; everyone who sees it loves it. Garen is going to be as famous as it is possible for a comics creator to be, very soon.”

“By the time you’ve finished [The Rainbow Orchid] I truly expect you to be corresponding with European publishers and looking towards a healthy career in that direction. Oh, and you used the top seven panels on page 24 to illustrate the best fight scene since Marvelman vs Kid Marvelman, and it was realistic. Even better was the human nature of the page’s eighth panel!”

“The best web comic I’ve discovered this year.”

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