Artwork from friends of the comic
Here you can see various bits of artwork from readers, friends, and fellow comic artists. If you would like to submit a piece of Rainbow Orchid related art just contact me, attaching your work as a jpg - thank you!

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Tulius Hostilius
Tulius created these wonderful 1/72 scale paper miniatures of Julius, Lily and Evelyn.
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Jacques Gauthier
Storyboard artist Jacques Gauthier sent me this beautiful drawing of a young Julius "lost in his first [literary] adventures".

Matt Crotts
This poster featuring the story's villains and obstacles really captures the RO spirit of adventure!
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Matthew Stubbs
Fantastic Julius Chancer Cosplay at the 2014 London Film & Comic Con / YA Lit Con.
Emma Reynolds 2
A wonderfully generous congratulations from Emma on RO getting a British Comic Award.
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Brigitta Pekelharing 2
Here's something you won't see too often - Evelyn Crow cross-stitch embroidery!
Hal Frost
Hal (age 6) has captured the awe, magic and mystery of the Rainbow Orchid in this fabulous drawing. Thanks, Hal!
David Frankum
Drama and shadows! Julius Chancer surrounded by the mysterious Eighth Council of the Black Lion.
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William Lloyd Jones
Character portraits of Meru, Mr. Grope, Julius Chancer and Lily Lawrence, all brilliant, and all by William, age 5.
Brigitta Pekelharing
A fantastic set of Rainbow Orchid paper dolls from South Africa, featuring Julius, Lily, Nathaniel, Evelyn, Pickle and Sir Alfred.
Emma Reynolds
Emma sourced a lot of old, new and rare Lego pieces to make these fabulous Rainbow Orchid characters.
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Pablo Lizalde
A terrific action scene drawn and coloured by Pablo Lizalde and inked by Valentin Lerena.
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Murray Ewing 2
To celebrate the launch of vol. 3, Lily, Evelyn and Julius read!
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Cherry Robin
Julius Chancer and Lily Lawrence, with Lily looking particularly elegant in this wonderful drawing.
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Chris Askham
Chris drew Evelyn Crow as his entry into the Weekly Themed Art Blog's 'bad guys & girls' topic.
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Tom V. Leighton
Here's Julius Chancer along with a few of Tom's other fabulous drawings, including Captain Jack Sparrow and Dr. Who!
Mary Lau
All the way from Hong Kong comes this drawing of Julius watching Monty Python's 'Spam' sketch with none other then Blake & Mortimer!
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Alex Milway
Here's Julius Chancer and a yeti, courtesy of Mythical 9th Division author and artist, Alex Milway.
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Lorenzo Etherington
Monkey Nuts artist Lorenzo drew this terrific Julius Chancer to celebrate the launch of vol 2.
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David Goodman
A sly and slinky Evelyn Crow - she seems to be enjoying the thought of some dastardly plan.
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Rick Eades
Evelyn Crow has something on her mind in this great cartoon of Urkaz Grope's 'dark angel'.
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Simon Doyle
An alternative facsimile of the cover to Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, with accompanying description.
Sarah McIntyre
The Tayaut twins put some elbow grease into getting a Spad XIII into the air...
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David O'Connell 2
Evelyn Crow decides some unlucky person's fate...
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Jonathon Dalton
Drawn as part of Jonathon's A-Z of comic characters project - for the letter J.
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David O'Connell
Julius meets Tozo, who is doing his best to be helpful.
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Linda Wada 3
A wonderful drawing of all the Rainbow Orchid characters - what a lot of work!
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Linda Wada 2
Just some of the expressions William Pickle goes through while writing one of his articles.
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Stephen Prestwood 2
Stephen has drawn Julius with a rather splendid 1920s version of his own character, Trilithon - and coloured by his wife, Gill.
Dave West
Dave has depicted Julius as 'The Fool' from a Tarot card, representing a young man going on an adventure...
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Rachel Dent
Rachel, aged 8, has applied her excellent talents to her own version of the Rainbow Orchid cover - very dramatic and exciting!
Linda Wada
Linda presents a postcard sent to Lily Lawrence from one of her Hollywood chums!
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Stephen Prestwood
Stephen drew a strip in BAM! and included Julius Chancer in a crowd scene, just behind Dan Dare and Digby.
Murray Ewing
My brother did this oil painting based on one of my early Rainbow Orchid drawings.
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Colin Mathieson
The writer and artist of Zulu: Water Cart Rescue included this little sketch at the top of a letter.
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