Garen Ewing - comic strip author and artist - talks and workshops

I am available for talks, panels and workshops on and around the subject of story in comic strips and graphic novels. I have presented these at literary festivals big and small (including Hay, Cheltenham, Bath and Edinburgh), as well as local libraries and schools for a variety of ages (generally 7 or 8 to early teens, but art students and adults enjoy them too). I've also been a guest at comics festivals in France, Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands.


My talks can last from half an hour to an hour and a half (usually an hour) and can focus on the history of comics or the making of my own comic, or - even better - a bit of both.

I will usually require a laptop with PowerPoint, plus a projector and screen, though I am able to do a version with no computer at all, showing images on A3 hand-held boards (not practical for large audiences).


With workshops I tend to focus on drawing for storytelling, including creating characters and tips and tricks for making good comics (facial expressions, pictures that tell a story, making your own character. etc).

Workshops can be tailored for the specific event - for instance I helped four classes at one school create their own Olympic Superheroes and villains for the London 2012 Games - it was manic, creative, and enormous fun.

Workshops can last from 40 minutes to an hour and a half (an hour is good), and I'd require a flip chart with pad and markers, plus paper and pens/pencils for the workshoppers.


I follow a fee structure advised by the Society of Authors/Scottish Book Trust: £175 for a single session (usually an hour to an hour and a half); £250 for half a day; £350 for a full day. If I'm required to travel some distance outside of my local area then travel expenses would be requested too.

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Cheltenham Festival Edinburgh Festival
with Nick Sharratt
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