Characters in The Secret of the Samurai
Julius Chancer
Historical researcher and assistant to Sir Alfred Catesby-Grey. See more here.
Sir Alfred Catesby-Grey
Historical researcher.
Housekeeper to Sir Alfred Catesby-Grey.
Arthur Privett
Historical researcher.
Albert Koop
Curator of the Far East Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum
Misaki Yamada
Wealthy Japanese lady, last in line of the Yamada Clan.
Corporal Dawson
17th Lancers
The Sergeant-Major
17th Lancers
Major Vivian Noverre Lockett
17th Lancers
Billy Betts
Ex-17th Lancers
Hitoku Shiroma
Martial arts instructor and bodyguard.
Student of ju-jutsu.
Mrs Whitley
Student of ju-jutsu.
Shinjiro Yamada
Tanegashima Daizen
Samurai general.
Daizen armour
Made for Hideyoshi Daizen.
Chanceller to the Daimyo of the Shimazu Clan.
Gichin Gusukuma
Courtier to the King of Ryu-Kyu.
Shungiko Gusukuma
Daughter to Gichin Gusukuma.
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