Behind the scenes 3: workspace and materials
Let's have a little peek at where I draw, and then what I draw with. This is my current drawing table set-up...


A small mirror, for checking out the occassional facial expression.

2) Masking tape, used mostly when I need to attach an extra sheet or two to the main page to find vanishing points that go out of the drawing area.
3) This part of the table is where I keep reference, the script, the previous page - any bits of paper I need to hand.
4) Portfolio of recent work, various files and a portable drawing slope are kept down here.
5) This is where I place the page I'm drawing, it sits on an A3 cutting mat.
6) My stool. Behind it, under the table, is an assortment of old art equipment (paints, inks, old pens etc.) that rarely gets used.
7) On this side of the drawing table I keep a variety of rulers (from 12" plastic to a 24" metal) as well as a circle stencil. You can also see a calculator and a pair of dividers.
8) My lightbox, which doesn't see a lot of use, but is very useful when it is used.
9) A small low table upon which is heaped reference waiting to be used, sketchbooks, notebooks, bits of script, and other things at the bottom of the pile which I probably haven't seen for quite a while. A very handy table extension.
10) Up here is a jam jar containing my dip pens and brushes, a bottle or two of black ink, a plastic container of water, and a small metal pan in which I keep a shallow well of ink to feed my dip pens when inking.
11) A lamp - I have two attached to the table.
12) A cork board for posting up recent pages for reference and decoration. More for decoration to be honest, as the size of the drawing table makes it difficult to get too close to them.
13) A book case. The rest of the room is also full of bookcases, mostly twice the height of this one. There's a fair amount of junk on top here - a wooden artist's mannequin (which I have never actually used), a cardboard cut-out of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and spare blu-tak, staples, stickers, paper clips... stuff.

And here's a look at most of the equipment I use. The artwork is drawn on an A3 Bristol Board pad.


12" plastic ruler

2) Wacom stylus for digital work
3) brush for solid blacks
4) dip pen with a Hunt 107 nib - my main drawing tool
5) Staedtler Mars Professional 0.25 - for very fine detail
6) Rotring Rapidograph 0.5 - mainly for ruled lines
7) clutch pencil


click eraser pen

9) spare Hunt 107 nibs for dip pen
10) pencil compass
11) ink compass
12) dividers
13) erasers
14) brand new eraser waiting for active service
15) Winsor & Newton black ink with inkwell

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