Logos For Shows
Affordable theatrical artwork, logos & designs for professional & amateur theatre groups & schools

Terms & conditions

If using my images for your show, you kindly agree to:
pay the appropriate license fee and agree to the terms and conditions (before artwork is provided).
only use the artwork for one production run in one venue
not use the artwork as a profile or banner image on social media beyond the run of the show
not share or pass on the artwork for use by any other group, society or production, or post the high-resolution art files publicly online
include a credit line for the artwork in your programme and on any webpage of your own that includes the work, including a live weblink, eg.

original artwork © Garen Ewing www.logosforshows.co.uk

it does not need to be on your poster or on merchandise, where I realise space is at a premium

provide me with a link to your organisation's website
not use the artwork for anything for which this agreement is not intended (eg. a book cover, t-shirt design, any merchandise - a separate negotiation can be agreed for any of these) Note: If you have a merchandise-only (eg. t-shirts) license then the artwork should not be used on promotional literature, posters or included on a website
not substantially change or distort the artwork
Once you have paid the license fee I agree to:
provide you with print-quality artwork for the show you have requested as soon as possible, but no later than seven days from the date of payment (note: newly commissioned work or customisations may take longer but a deadline will be agreed beforehand)
provide reasonable technical support regarding the art files, if required
This agreement does not transfer any copyright of the licensed artwork, all copyright remains with Garen Ewing and Logos For Shows
thank you! (For more information, please see the FAQ for the reasons for each of the above terms)
Refunds policy
a refund can only be given as long as the supplied artwork has not been printed or used publicly (eg. online) for the marketing or promotion of your production
a refund cannot be given after the date of your first performance
if a merchandising license is unused (eg. t-shirts) then a refund can be given after the date of your first performance, including if the artwork has been used in publicity (as long as the license fee for that aspect of the artwork's use remains paid for)
any refund shall usually be returned in the same manner in which the license fee was originally paid (eg. PayPal, cheque)
once a refund has been given the artwork must remain unused - if you wish to use it then the license fee must be repaid
any problems, we'll work it out!

Unless otherwise stated, all artwork, design and content is © Garen Ewing 2024.
Please do not use content from this website without first obtaining permission and providing the appropriate license fee - thank you.