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The Tempest

A classical-style illustration showing the duke Prospero, the spirit Ariel and the monster Caliban, with the King's storm-tossed ship in the centre. Full of detail with the promise of drama and magic ... such stuff as dreams are made on.

This Tempest illustration is available for licensing to theatre companies and their designers to incorporate into publicity material (posters, leaflets, playbills, programmes, tickets etc.).

I make all my artwork very affordable so that amateur companies and schools can use them.
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This image can be supplied in a variety of formats, including high-resolution JPG, TIF or PSD.
A full-colour version will also be available soon.

Technical information
600 dpi; 268 x 352 mm (300 dpi: 536 x 704 mm)
About The Tempest
The Tempest is thought to have been written in about 1610 and to have been William Shakespeare's final play. It first appeared in print in 1623 (in the First Folio). Since then it has been a perennial favourite for theatre companies, both professional and amateur. It has the most music of any Shakespeare, and has inspired over forty-five operas. It has also been filmed many times, from silent days into the 21st century, including a science fiction adaptation, Forbidden Planet (1956), which in turn inspired its own stage musical - Return to the Forbidden Planet (1989).

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