Kanzenki Karate Club

Word List
genkai - word book

Sensei instructor or teacher ('one who has been before')
Senpai assistant instructor or senior
Rei bow - an expression of courtesy and respect
Sensei ni rei bow to teacher (ni - 'towards')
Otagai ni rei bow to fellow students (otagai - 'mutual')
Shomen ni rei bow to front (shomen) of dojo (sometimes a shrine or altar to old masters)
Seiza the command to kneel ('sit correctly')
Kiritsu the command to stand up
Mokuso meditation (to clear the mind)
Mokuso yame end of meditation
Kiai literally 'spirit unite' - a focus of 'ki' energy, often with an audible shout
Kihon core essentials, basics
Kata forms, pattern of techniques
Kumite partner work, meeting or grappling hands
Arigato; domo arigato;
domo arigato gozaimashta
'arigato' - thanks; 'domo arigato - my humble thanks; 'domo arigato gozaimashta' - more formal 'thank you for what you have done'

1 - Ichi 2 - Ni 3 - San 4 - Shi 5 - Go
6 - Roku 7 - Shichi 8 - Hachi 9 - Ku 10 - Ju

jodan face area, or upper
chudan area from belt to the neck, or middle
gedan area from belt downwards, or lower

Yoi attention or assume ready position
Hajime start
Mawatte turn or about turn
Yame finish - return to yoi position in kata
Enoy relax - after yame

Tachi - stances
Zenkutsu dachi front stance (front knee bent)
Kokutsu dachi back stance (back knee bent)
Kiba dachi horse-riding stance
Neko-ashi dachi cat-leg stance
Kosa dachi cross-legged stance
Fudo dachi immoveable stance

Uke - blocking (or receiving) techniques
Age uke rising block - jodan
Soto uke outside block (arm moves inwards) - chudan
Uchi uke inside block (arm moves outwards) - chudan
Shuto uke knife hand block
Gedan barai lower level sweep
Juji uke cross block
Nagashi uke sweeping block
Otoshi uke downward block
Haishu uke back of the hand block
Morote uke augmented block
Osae uke pressing block
Haiwan uke forearm block

Keri - kicking techniques
Ashi leg
Mae geri front kick
Yoko geri keage side snap/rising kick (using outside edge of foot)
Yoko geri kekomi side thrust kick (using heel or flat of foot)
Mawashi geri roundhouse kick
Ushiro geri back kick (kick to rear using heel)
Mikazuki geri crescent kick
Fumikomi geri stamping kick
Tsugi ashi shuffling step (tsugi is 'in sequence')
Kin geri groin kick (using instep)
Tobi geri jumping kick

Tsuki - punching
Oi zuki punch while stepping forward with leading fist ('lunge punch')
Gyaku zuki reverse punch
Sanbon zuki three punches
Kizame zuki jab punch
Choku zuki straight punch
Kage zuki hook punch
Yama zuki mountain (u-shaped) punch
Morote zuki double fist punch

Te waza, ude waza - other hand and arm techniques
Haito ridge hand
Taisho heel of palm
Haishu back of hand
Shuto sword (edge of) hand
Nukite spear hand
Empi elbow strike
Tetsui hammer fist
Uraken back of fist