Kanzenki Shotokan Karate Club - Announcement 3 July 2015

As of Monday 6th July 2015, the Kanzenki Karate Club, East Grinstead, will be overseen and run by Garen Ewing. Garen is taking the reins from Sensei Lindsey Musing, who founded the club in September 2007 and has regretfully had to step down and move on to pastures new.

Everyone at the club is sad to see Lindsey go, and we all wish her the very best. The Kanzenki dojo has always had a special atmosphere about it, friendly, hard-working, and mutually supportive, and this is thanks to the efforts of Sensei Lindsey and the way she ran the club.

In the spirit of continuing what Lindsey achieved, while still being the Kanzenki Karate Club, our full name is now Kanzenki Shotokan Karate Benkyokai - benkyokai means 'study group', and this emphasises the nature of the club and our continuing mutual exploration of Shotokan Karate.

Garen started karate in 1985 under Sensei Brian Whitehouse, trained for a year at the Glendale HQ of the IKA under Shihan Takayuki Kubota, and returned to become the first black belt at Brian's club (under Sensei Mike Springer).

The Kanzenki Karate Club will continue to be supported by visits from more experienced Sensei, and our aim, as it was under Sensei Lindsey, will be to improve our abilities and understanding of the fascinating martial art that is karate.

Domo arigato!