Sensei Lindsey Musing 1959-2017

It’s with enormous sadness that I must pass on the news that Sensei Lindsey Musing passed away on Friday, 27 January 2017, after a short and unexpected illness.

Lindsey founded Kanzenki Karate in September 2007 and ran the club until 2015, when she had to step down due to persistent back problems. She loved karate and was devastated that she had to give it up - indeed, even when she was unable to train she would often come along and lead the training session.

That Kanzenki Karate is still going is thanks to the dedicated efforts Sensei Lindsey made in her organisation and running of the club, and the special bond between the practitioners that she created.

With much love to her family, especially our fellow karateka - her two wonderful children, Louisa and Max - from all at Kanzenki.

Sayonara, Sensei.

Sensei Lindsey Musing