Bassai Dai (To Storm a Fortress)
Original name: Passai

This is a signature kata of the Shotokan school of karate. The moves are strong and penetrating, while the story this kata tells is one of turning disadvantage into advantage. It is traditionally the first 'advanced' kata learnt, usually at brown belt level.

uchi uke soete
yama zuki


There are several versions of the Passai kata across the Shuri and Shorin styles (Matsumura Passai, Ishimine Passai, Tomari Passai), with the origin of the form thought to lie with Kokan Oyadomari. It was developed by Yasutsune Itosu and then refined further into the Shotokan version, though it is a kata that has kept fairly close to its Okinawan roots. ~ GE