Tekki Nidan (Iron Horse, second level)
Original name: Naihanchi or Naifuanchi Nidan, also known as Kiba Dachi Nidan.

Like its parent kata, Tekki Nidan is made up of strong techniques that suggest a decisive response to a threatening entanglement. It introduces mae empi, and uses again the precision uraken found in Tekki Shodan.

sokumen uke
gedan uchi ude uke


While Naihanchi Shodan is a staple of Okinawan Shuri-te, the Nidan and Sandan forms are thought to be the late nineteenth/early twentietch century work of Yasutsune Itosu, developing the themes found in the original kata. It has also been suggested, as with the Pinans, that the three Tekki kata are the result of a much longer original sequence being broken up into shorter segments, though there is no foundation for this. ~ GE