Kanzenki Karate Club


Kata, or forms, are at the heart of karate and are the 'trademark' of the style. They can be seen as a dictionary of techniques, while also teaching speed, power, balance and footwork. Kata are not just a repetitive performance art - through their solo practice the martial artist faces the internal challenge for mastery of technique, while unlocked with a partner, they reveal a complete set of applicable fighting skills.

The 15 core Shotokan kata:

| Heian Shodan | Heian Nidan | Heian Sandan | Heian Yondan | Heian Godan |

| Tekki Shodan | Tekki Nidan | Tekki Sandan |

| Bassai Dai | Kanku Dai | Jion |

| Enpi | Hangetsu | Jitte | Gankaku |

Other Shotokan kata :

Other kata :

| Gosoku | Tensho | Gekisai Dai Ichi | Rohai |

Bo kata :

| Bojutsu-ichi no kun | Ufugusuku no kun | Shiromatsu no kun | Shushi no kun |

Illustrations from the first karate book: Ryukyu Kenpo Toudi (1922) by Gichin Funakoshi