Kanzenki Karate Club
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The Kanzenki Karate Club was formed in September 2007 by Lindsey Musing Sensei and came under the tutelage of Peter Wright Sensei (Zanshin Ryu) to help get us off the ground. Our first dojo was at the Dormansland Memorial Hall and we were affiliated with the Amateur Martial Association (AMA) and then, after moving to East Grinstead, the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations (WAKO) under the direction of Flood Sensei (5th Dan) of Bradford Shotokan. In October 2013 we joined Shotokan Karate Kanazawa Ryu International Federation (SKKIF), the UK arm of Kanazawa Sensei's Tokyo-based Shotokan Karate-do International Federation (SKIF).

In July 2015 Lindsey stepped down from running the club, handing the reins over to Garen Ewing, and at the start of 2016 we became part of the Shotokan Karate-do Kenkyujo (SKK) under Dorian Fretwell Sensei (8th Dan), a senior graduate of Shiro Asano Hanshi.

Our Karate

We study traditional Shotokan karate (looking to Funakoshi and Kanazawa as standard), though we are also heavily informed by the style's Okinawan Shorin Ryu roots along with some Koryu Uchinadi, as well as a little Gosoku Ryu (Takayuki Kubota) here and there. Ryukyu Hokama Kobujutsu (quarterstaff) also forms part of our syllabus under Andy Lovelady Sensei of IKO France and Tetsuhiro Hokama Sensei. Kata is at the core of our training, focussing on practical application, self-improvement, and fitness. We do not put any emphasis on competition, though that is available through other areas of the SKK.

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Garen Ewing

Garen Ewing (4th Dan)

After a false start in 1978, Garen started karate properly in 1985 under Brian Whitehouse Sensei. He later attended the International Karate Association HQ in Glendale, California, training under Takayuki Kubota Soke for a year, 4-6 times a week, and attaining 3rd Kyu. Returning to the UK he gained 1st Dan under Mike Springer Sensei in Dec 1988 and became the first black belt at Whitehouse Sensei's club. Garen also trained under Jim Snook Sensei and was assessed as a 1st Dan into the KUGB.

As well as being the senior Senpai at Whitehouse Sensei's dojo, Garen later ran a small karate club at Gatwick in the late 90s. A founder member, he took over the reins of the Kanzenki Karate Club in July 2015. He is also ranked 1st Dan in Ryukyu Hokama Kobujutsu.

Keith Hawker

Keith Hawker (4th Dan)

Keith started Shotokan Karate with the KUGB grading under Enoeda Sensei in Bournemouth in the 1970's, attaining 5th Kyu. After a long break from Karate due to work and family commitments Keith started training again with his daughter and, due to the long break, re-started as a white belt under the instruction of Gillies Sensei in Lingfield. He worked his way through the kyu grades and passed his 1st Dan under Flood Sensei in 2009. He is also ranked 1st Dan in Ryukyu Hokama Kobujutsu.

Dorian fretwell

Dorian Fretwell (8th Dan)

Dorian's interest in karate began as far back as 1968 after his brother began training and regaled stories of this mysterious fiighting art. Proper training began at the inception of the Shotokan Karate International (SKI) in 1974 as an ardent follower of Asano Hanshi's spirit-based karate. A former European Team kata champion and England International squad member, Asano Hanshi awarded Dorian the Wilkinson Sword of Honour for services to SKIGB in 1997, and graded him to 7th Dan in 2012.

Dorian is also influenced by the teachings of Onaga Yoshimitsu Kaicho, founder of the Shinjinbukan dojo in Naha, Okinawa. Elements of Onaga No Ti are integrated into Dorian Sensei's teaching method. Following a lengthy study of Pat McCartthy Hanshi's Koryu Uchinadi Dorian has now formally become a member of the IRKRS. He was appointed Director of the Shotokan Karate Do Kenkyujo in 2011.