Charlie Chaplin's Leading ladies
postcard collection

Ever since I managed to get an Edna Purviance postcard that was issued at the time of 'A Woman of Paris' I have wanted to build a collection of other cards of Charlie Chaplin's leading ladies. Not only do I want them to be contemporary (at least within a couple of years) but they must also be regular postcards and portrait shots. This isn't a collection I'll be completing in a hurry (not least because of the financial considerations)!

Mabel Normand
This was the second Mabel card I acquired as the first had a crease across the centre. Rotary Real Photo c.1914-5.
Marie Dressler
I've had no luck finding a contemporary card of Marie from Tillie's Punctured Romance (1914) so this MGM card from the 30's will do.
Edna Purviance
My first card in the collection was the beautiful Edna, from the time of A Woman of Paris (1923). Picturegoer Series 189.
Merna Kennedy
Great 1920's card of Miss Kennedy who was in one of Chaplin's funniest films - The Circus. c.1928. Colourgraph Series C24.
Virginia Cherrill
Spanish card (Estrellas Del Cine No.77) of Chaplin's leading lady from the great City Lights (1931).
Paulette Goddard
A card she sent to her fans. The autograph is not original but part of the print. 1940s.
Claire Bloom
Charlie's leading lady in the 1952 film Limelight. Picturegoer series D313.
Martha Raye
Not quite a postcard, so I'm still looking, but until then, this 1939 portrait will do. Martha was in Monsieur Verdoux (1947).
Dawn Addams
German publicity card from 1955 of Dawn, who appeared in A King In New York (1957). Foto Imperial.
Sophia Loren
A German Kolibri Foto-Karte of Sophia Loren who was in Chaplin's last fim, A Countess from Hong Kong, in 1967.
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