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This page is a record of family members that have fought and served in the military and various historical battles and campaigns, mainly to help me organise my research in these areas further. Not everyone is included due to lack of information on some branches, and many, who almost certainly fought in World War I, are not listed as I have no information yet on their service history. They are listed in chronological order (by campaign/era). I have only included blood relatives, not spouses or step-children.

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Caithness Highlanders 1799-1802. Corporal then sergeant in the 1st Battalion 42nd Foot (The Black Watch), enlisted at Glasgow Aug 1802. Peninsular campaign.
Soldier in 42nd Foot. Possibly died in Peninsular campaign, perhaps Corunna - tbc.
HAMMOND, Francis
Quarter Master in the Dumfries Light Dragoons, served Ireland during Rebellion of 1798. Regiment disbanded 1800. On half-pay until death in 1804.
HAMMOND, William Stephen
Civilian who was drafted into an emergency cavalry militia by the Dutch during the Javanese uprising of 1825. Killed in battle at Demak 2nd Sep 1825.
HIGSON, Thomas
A soldier at Waterside, Colne in Lancashire c.1800.
KEIR, William
Sergeant, 42nd Foot. Enlisted 1805, served in Peninsular war at Busaco, Fuentes d’Onor and Ciudad Rodrigo. Discharged Ireland, 1822.
LEVELL, Thomas
Ensign and lieutenant in Dumfries Militia (aka 4th Rgt of North British Militia) 1798-1803. Adjutant in Fifeshire Yeomanry.
Served in the Lochaber Fencibles before becoming a Corporal in the 71st Foot (1800-1816), served in Peninsular campaign and at Waterloo.


CAMERON, Alexander
Colour sergeant in the 72nd Foot in Afghanistan. Sergeant in Egypt (72nd now Seaforth Highlanders). Afghan War Medal with clasps for Charasiab, Kabul and Kandahar, Bronze Star, Egyptian Medal (Tel-el-Kebir) and the Khedives Bronze Star.
In India with the 72nd Foot from 1871 and regimental piper during part of the 2nd Afghan Campaign (see photo below). Also in Egypt 1882. Afghan War Medal with clasps for Peiwar Kotal, Charasiab, Kabul and Kandahar, Bronze Star, Egyptian Medal (Tel-el-Kebir) and the Khedives Bronze Star.
CLARK, William Ebenezer Cook
Enlisted 2nd Battalion Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) Mar 1890, reached rank of sergeant (1897). Served in India (1897-1901) and South Africa (1901-02), discharged 1908.
Joined the 23rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry in August 1862 on the Union side of the US Civil War. Service included Chicasaw Bayou, Cypress Bend, Greenville, Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Black River Bridge, the siege of Vicksburg, Carrion Crow Bayou, Sabine, Cross Roads, Cane River, Spanish Fort and Blakely. For a short time he was prisoner of the Confederates. Discharged 1865.
Enlisted in the 95th Foot in Dec 1870 after coming out of prison (seven month sentence for robbery), previously in the 1st Derbyshire Militia. Deserted Aug 1873; rejoined Jun 1883, tried; discharged medicaly unfit Aug 1883.
HORSBURGH, William Bremner
Enlisted in the King's Own Scottish Borderers from Apr 1888 - Feb 1896, recalled Dec 1899 but discharged as medically unfit. Served in Egypt, Sudan and India, took part in battle of Suakin (Gemaizah) 20 Dec 1888.
HORSBURGH, Andrew Birrell
Enlisted as a gunner with 5/5 Royal Artillery Jan 1886, serving at Newcastle upon Tyne. Discharged by purchase Feb 1889. Later served with Imperial Yeomanry (92 Company, 3rd Sharpshooters) in South Africa (1901-02) and Royal Naval Division at Gallipoli (wounded twice).
KEIR, Frederick
Private in the 99th Foot. Enlisted 1843, service includes India, Australia and New Zealand. Discharged 1859.
LEES, Charles
Enlisted in the 80th Foot (Staffordshire Volunteers) in 1849, transferred to 24th Foot 1854, served Burma (1852-53), Indian Mutiny (1857-58) and Malta; discharged 1871.
McGREGOR, Charles
Previously with the 5th Volunteer Battalion Royal Highlanders, enlisted Perth Nov 1899 into Army Service Corps as a driver. Discharged Jun 1900.
NIELD, Arthur
Enlisted Derbyshire Regiment May 1890. Discharged Sep 1890 for giving a false answer on attestation - service forfeited.
Photograph, late 1880s/early 1890s shows Thomas (?) as a corporal, possibly 4th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps, Lucknow (studio W D Holmes).
ROSS, William Burnett
Enlisted 3rd Black Watch Jul 1906, transferred to Royal Scots Dec 1906. Bad record involving absenteeism and criminality, discharged 'with ignominy' Feb 1912.
SHERRIFF, Alfred William
6th North Staffordshire Regiment Jan 1909 - Jan 1913.
Derby Militia, 2nd, 5th and 8th Battalion, 1873-1900.
Enlisted 4th Sherwood Foresters Dec 1907, enlisted 2nd Sherwood Foresters Feb 1908, deserted, rejoined, detained, struck off.
Enlisted 3rd Battalion Derby Regiment Dec 1899. Later killed at Somme, July 1916, with 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers.
Enlisted East Lancashire Regiment June 1900. South Africa 1902 (clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State, South Africa 1902). Also served WWI (see below).
Pipers of the 1st Seaforth Highlanders, Parkhurst, early 1880s. Donald Cameron stands far left.

WORLD WAR I (1914-1918)

ANDERSON, William Cameron
Enlisted 2nd Reserve Scottish Horse Sep 1914, discharged as medically unfit. Enlisted 3/1st Scottish Horse May 1915, transferred to Royal Army Medical Corps. Served in East Africa Jun 1917 to Jan 1919, suffered from malaria.
AUCHTERLONIE, Lindsay Alexander
Captain in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, BEF 1914, acting Major in 1918 while commanding a Veterinary Hospital.
Served in the Tank Corps (1/Arm C Coy) in Iraq.
Enlisted with the 1st Bttn Tyneside Scottish but was discharged after 163 days as not likely to become an efficient soldier (due to old foot injury).
Served in the Royal Army Medical Corps.
BIRRELL, Andrew Smith
Enlisted with the Derby recruits Mar 1916. Edinburgh University Officer Training Corps, commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. 6th Bttn. King's Own Scottish Borderers in France from Jan 1917. Killed at Battle of Arras 9 Apr 1917.
BLYTH, Henry
Sapper in 1/3rd Highland Field Company, R.E., Oct 1915 - Jul 1916, discharged as medically unfit for service.
BLYTH, Henry Alexander
Royal Air Force, enlisted Aug 1915.
BOOTH, Absolom
Initially enlisted with 16th Sherwood Foresters May 1915, discharged after 36 days. Enlisted 10th Bttn Leicestershire Rgt, later 6th Bttn, deserted Mar-Oct 1916. Died from wounds received in action 5 May 1918.
BOOTH, Matthew
3rd Notts & Derby Militia (1905-1908). Enlisted with 1/6th Notts & Derby Rgt (Sherwood Foresters) Jun 1913. Wounded 25 Aug 1915, died from wounds 26 Aug 1915.
BUCK, Harrison
Royal Navy from 1899 until 1921. During WWI served on the Rosario, Pembroke II, Attentive II and Greenwich.
CAMERON, David Horsburgh
1918: corporal Motor Transit Army Service Corps.
CAMERON, John Munro
Enlisted with the Army Service Corps (Motor Transport) Mar 1917, also served with 1/5th South Staffordshire Rgt and Durham Light Infantry. In France from Aug 1918, with Army of the Rhine. Imprisoned for 6 months for disobeying orders. Died violently in Toronto in 1929.
CAMERON, Mark William
Seaman from 1899 on a variety of ships, aboard HMS Excellent by 1913, officer gunner aboard HMS Invincible during Great War. Battles included Heliogoland Bight (28 Aug 1914), Falklands (8 Dec 1914) and Jutland (31 May 1916) where he was killed when the Invincible sank.
Enlisted at Glasgow, Lance Corporal with the 8th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders. Killed in action in France, June 1916.
CAMERON, Peter McDougall
Driver with Army Service Corps (Motor Transit). Served in France (abroad July 1918 - Aug 1919), but postcards also from Belgium (Coutrai 1918-19) Germany (the Rhein), served with the XIX Corps - a letter includes the shield with three question marks, I believe this is a badge of Sir Herbert Watts’s 19th Corps. Victory medal.
Lance Corporal in O Company, 2nd Battalion Scots Guards. Killed in action 26 Dec 1916, France.
CAMERON, Robert Leishman
Private in the Royal Army Medical Corps (T.F), 1/3rd (Reserve) Highland Field Ambulance. Prisoner of War at Stammlager Parchim and then Stammlager Friestrichsfield (1918).
Private in the Scots Guards. Wounded in action on 10 Sep 1916 (France), probably at Ginchy. Medals: 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Silver War Badge.
CLAYTON, George Joseph
Private in 4th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. Enlisted Dec 1910, served in India and Burma into 1915. Discharged due to bad record (BWM forfeited).
Joined 447th Agricultural Company, Labour Corps in May 1917.
CROWTHER, John William
Attempted to enlist several times but failed due to defective sight, eventually joined East Lancashire Rgt in Aug 1916. Transferred to Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) and to France Feb 1917. Wounded by gas and returned to France Apr 1918. Died from gunshot wound to back 2 Sep 1918.
Private 3rd Battalion Sherwood Foresters. Served at home Jan-Jun 1918. Discharged medically unfit at Lichfield.
DRUMMOND, James Horsburgh
Enlisted Seaforth Highlanders Nov 1914, transferred to North Staffordshire Regiment, then Labour Corps - discharged Nov 1918. Served in France May-Aug 1915, hospital in UK with a sprained ankle Aug-Sep 1915, back in France May 1916-Nov 1918.
Also known as Charles Hodgkins. Enlisted Oct 1915 11th North Staffordshire Regiment, later transferred to 1st Battalion. Died Wolverghem, Ypres 18 Jul 1916.
DUNCAN, Miles Wilcox
Enlisted March 1918 at Fargo, North Dakota, and sent to Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. Served in General Hospital No.26, Des Moines, Iowa. Discharged Oct 1919 as a sergeant.
Joined 8th Cheshire Rgt. Aug 1914, transferred to 13th Army Cycle Corps in Jan 1915. Mediterranean Expeditionary Force at Basra, trained as a platelayer and transferred as Sapper to Royal Enginners Railway Troops in Feb 1918 at Baghdad.
Private in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Served in France, prisoner of War in Germany Apr-Nov 1918. Discharged 1920.
ECCLESTONE, Robert Henry
Served with the 3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards in France. Killed in action 8 Oct 1915.
EWING, Alexander
Private with the Fife & Forfar Yeomanry (later 14th Battalion Black Watch). Died of dysentery, Palestine, 4 Dec 1917. Deir El Belah War Cemetery, Israel.
EWING, David
Private in the Royal Army Medical Corps with the 3rd Highland Field Ambulance. Enlisted with brother John, May 1915, discharged July 1917.
EWING, James
Previously in RGA. Enlisted 7th Black Watch and 5th Sco. Prov. Bttn. Later 3rd Seaforth Highlanders, died 2 Mar 1917 (meningitis caused by recurrent shell shock), buried at Burntisland cemetery.
Private with 16th Royal Scots (later 18th and 13th) from May 1915 (served in France Feb to Oct 1916), transferred to Labour Corps Aug 1917, transferred to RAMC (24th General Hospital) Sep 1917. Wounded left knee (gunshot).
Lance Corporal with the 12th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Wounded in France Mar 1918 and taken prisoner of war until Jan 1919 (injury to left leg due to mistreatment by captors). Egypt Jun-Oct 1919.
EWING, John Bruce
Private in the Royal Army Medical Corps, enlisted with brother David, May 1915, discharged May 1919.
EWING, Peter Henderson
Previously served with 5th Victoria Rgt. Attested at Vancouver Mar 1915, 11th Canadian Mounted Rifles, then with 7th Battalion Canadian Infantry. GSW right knee at Vimy Ridge.
EWING, Thomas Clark
Private Canadian Infantry, enlisted 103rd Battalion Dec 1915. 10th Battalion Canadian Railway Troops, to France Jun 1917. Gassed during active service,  died Canada Sep 1923, heart disease, "death related to service".
Joined Dec 1914 into RGA as a gunner. Transferred to RE as sapper in 1917 and in 1918 worked with Military Forwarding Department in Egypt.
GILMOUR, James Parker
Private in C Company, 1st Black Watch. Missing in action 14 Sep 1914 at the Battle of Aisne, recorded as killed 16 Sep 1914, though body not recovered. The first local man (Anstruther) to die in the war.
GOODWIN, Richard
Enlisted Feb 1916, mobilised Apr 1918 into 3rd Bttn. Yorkshire Rgt (signalling).
Lance Corporal in 53rd (YS) Bn. T. R. Notts & Derby Rgt; also papers for Royal Flying Corps. First joined for duty 1 Dec 1917, RFC Sep 1918. Not sure if went abroad at all.
Maurice E
Sergeant with the US Marines. Stationed c.1918 at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Walter H
Corporal with the US Army 362nd Infantry Regiment (D Company), 19th Division. Killed during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive at the end of September 1918.
John Edward Martin
Private in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, then the 6th Battalion Wiltshire Regiment. Killed near Festubert, France, in September 1915.
Private 4th North Staffordshire Regiment, transferred to 7th Batallion at Gallipoli (Aug 1915), trenches at Sulajik. Medals: 1914-15 Star, Victory Medal, British War Medal and Silver War Badge. Retired from service due to pleurisy and pneumonia (1916). Hospital in Malta, then Whittington at Lichfield.
North Staffordshire Regiment, probably Lance Corporal (see photo below).
Territorial service with 5th Notts & Derby (from 1912). Expeditionary Force to France Feb 1915 5th Leicestershire Rgt. Wounded back and abdomen (field hospital 16 May 1915), home Jun 1915. Discharged as unfit Jun 1916. Died from wounds 29 Aug 1918.
HORSBURGH, Alexander Reid
Sergeant in the Gordon Highlanders.
HORSBURGH, Andrew Birrell
Dundee Company of the Royal Naval Division, skipper on Golden Strand; at Gallipoli, wounded twice. Previously in South Africa with Imperial Yeomanry and previous to that Royal Artillery (see entry under 'other 19th century).
HORSBURGH, Andrew Birrell
Private with 4th Black Watch. Wounded from an accident in the trenches c. Mar 1915, wounded again 9 May 1915 with shrapnel in both legs. Also served with ASC.
HORSBURGH, David Bremner
Private in the 3/1st Highland Cycle Corps.
HORSBURGH, David Welch
Private in the 4th Reserve Battalion Black Watch. Enlisted 1915 but under-age, re-enlisted when 18 in Feb 1917. France from Mar 1917. Gun shot wound to left arm 29 Oct 1918.
HORSBURGH, James Burgess
Private in the Army Service Corps. Wounded (May?) 1915.
HORSBURGH, John Harvie
Private in Royal Engineers.
HORSBURGH, John Murdoch
With Highland Cycle Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Rgt. (wounded in France 1916, later sergeant), and Royal Highlanders. Attached to King's African Rifles and served in West Africa.
Private in 12th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Enlisted at Ashton under Lyne and entered France Jul 1915. Killed in action 7th Jul 1916.
JERVIS, Clifford Arco
Private and Lance Corporal in the 2nd/4th City of London Battalion. Served Egypt, Gallipoli and France. Prisoner of War in France Mar to Nov 1918. Later a schoolmaster in the Royal Navy.
JERVIS, George Henry
Private in 9th Bttn Essex Regiment. Died of wounds at Etaples 8 April 1918.
KINNEAR, James Horsburgh
Enlisted with the 7th Seaforth Highlanders in Sep 1914, but within three months considered unlikely to become an efficient soldier. Discharged Dec 1914.
LEES, Bertram
Enlisted in the R.A.F. July 1918, in France Oct 1918 to Apr 1919, transferred to Reserve May 1919.
LEES, Charles John
Lance Corporal in the 16th Bttn. Sherwood Foresters (Chatsworth Rifles). Killed in action 19 Nov 1917.
LEES, George John
Private in the 2nd/9th Scottish Rifles. Taken prisoner at Nesle Mar 1918, prisoner at Giessen, released Dec 1918.
McHARDY, John Stewart
Returned from Argentina in Oct 1916 and enlisted as Private in 28th London Rifles. Later 2nd Lieutenant in 7th London Rifles. Killed in action in Egypt, 30 Apr 1918.
MEFFAN, Arthur
Enlisted at Glasgow with 18th Highland Light Infantry. Wounded at Montauban near Longueval 16 Jul 1916, died of wounds 27 Jul 1916.
MEFFAN, John Strachan
Enlisted 4 Sep 1914, 6th Bttn. Cameron Highlanders. Awarded Miltary Medal for bravery in the field, Jan 1917.
MURRAY, William
Private in the 2nd Black Watch. Exempted until mid-1917.
OWLER, George Elder
Gunner in the RGA, to the front c. Feb 1917, died from wounds Aug 1917.
PHILLIP, Alexander
Signaller gunner in the Royal Garrison Artillery (61st Battery).
PHILLIP, Alexander
Sapper in the 205th Field Co. Royal Engineers. Killed France 17 Dec 1917.
PHILLIP, Alexander Rough
Sapper in the 446th Field Co. Royal Engineers. Killed France 1 Aug 1917.
3/4th Black Watch.
Driver in the 7th Division Ammunition Column of the Royal Field Artillery, served in France and Italy.
Anti-Aircraft Section of the Mechanical Transport.
PHILLIP, William
Private in the Black Watch, wounded in March 1915 with 5th battalion, killed 19 Jul 1918 with the 8th Battalion.
PHILLIP, William
Lance Corporal in 205th Field Co. Royal Engineers. Wounded from gas poisoning, France, 9 April 1918.
PLANT, William
Private in 3rd Leicestershire Rgt and 9th North Staffordshire Rgt. Suffered from gas and trench fever, France, March 1918.
PRITCHARD, George Gilbert
With the 4th / 5th Royal Fusiliers, enlisted Apr 1915, served in France from Dec 1915, wounded, discharged Sep 1917.
PRITCHARD, Joseph Wilfred
A conscientious objector assigned as a Private to the Non-Combatant Corps but spent time in Durham Gaol for refusal of orders.
Sapper in the Royal Engineers, 224 Field Company.
PRITCHARD, Thomas Page
Sapper in the Australian Army, 16th Light Rail Operating Company.
PRITCHARD, Walter Ebenezer
Private in the East Yorkshire Regiment. Wounded.
Private in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment (Aug-Nov 1914), then in the Royal Garrison Artillery (Nov 1914-Mar 1916).
Private in the Durham Light Infantry Aug 1914 - Feb 1915.
Previously in the 3rd Battalion Derby Regiment (1899). Released from prison to join 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers for the war, killed 1 July 1916 (Somme).
Private in Notts & Derby Regiment and Corporal in Royal Defence Corps. Victory Medal, British War Medal, 1915 Star, SWB (family story says wounded in France). Theatre served in: Balkans, date of entry: 2 Aug 1915.
Prior to WWI was with 3rd North Staffordshire Rgt. Went to the Dardanelles with the 7th North Staffordshires, killed in action 7/1/1916.
Private in the 3rd North Staffordshire Regiment.
Sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery.
SMITH, Alexander Maxwell
Private in the 9th Bttn, Black Watch. Killed in action near Arras, 26 Apr 1917.
STEWART, Henry (Harry)
Lance Corporal in 5th Battalion Highland Light Infantry. Served at Gallipoli, killed 14 July 1915.
STEWART, Andrew Phillip
Lieutenant in 9th Kings Own Scottish Borderers (previously in 5th Scottish Rifles, enlisted 1913). Posthumously awarded Military Cross for action at Combles 24 Mar 1918, wounded and invalided home, proceeded to Ireland where he accidentally drowned in Loch Corrib 2 June 1918. Memorial Glasgow Western Necropolis.
East Lancashire Rgt, 4th Scottish Rifles, 18th Battalion Middlesex Rgt. Previously served with East Lancashire Rgt. in South Africa 1902.
Sergeant in the Machine Gun Corps (192 Coy). Wounded in the back/lung at Loos 28 Jun 1917.
'Platoon 14' of the North Staffordshires. Edward Hodgkins sits in the exact centre, arms folded.

WORLD WAR II (1939-1945)

CAMERON, Daniel Ewan
Lance Corporal in 1st Bttn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Missing in action in Burma, presumed killed 6 Apr 1944.
Lance Corporal in the Scots Guards. Wounded in Italy Jun 1944.
HIGSON, Benjamin Walter
Enlisted West Yorkshire Regiment 1931. Transferred to Royal Army Pay Corps (later a Major). Served in the UK during the war (stationed in Scotland) and abroad afterwards (West Africa, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Tripoli, Trieste).
GILBERT, Roy William
Staff Sergeant in the US Army Air Force, 1943-47 - radio operator and mechanic. Served Burma, India and Hawaii.
MEAKIN, Harold Denis
Private in the 2nd Battalion North Staffordshires. Killed at Comines, Belgium in May 1940.
PHILLIP, Alexander Mortimer
Enlisted Royal Artillery 1941. Demobbed 1947, bombardier.
PRITCHARD, Gilbert Henry
Australian Army Special Unit.

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