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My name is Garen Cameron Ewing (learn more about my unusual first name here). I'm married with two children, live in West Sussex, England, and work as a commercial illustrator and writer of all-ages adventure comics.

This website was created to help me make sense of my family history and to record it. It's also here in the hope that I might make contact with various far-flung and distant branches of my ancestors and their families so we can share information and further the story.

My view is that the people I research and who are related to me in history are not 'mine', this is not 'my' family tree - thousands of others are related to these people too and have their own personal connection. A portion of my family research can be found as a public tree on Ancestry and through my contributions to WikiTree. Please feel free to use, verify, disprove, correct, expand, or enjoy my work.

I got interested in family history when my mother inherited her grandmother's childhood postcard collection - it was full of pictures and names we didn't know, and we decided to research it together. Sadly, my mum fell ill and died before we could fulfil that ambition, so a few years afterwards I dusted off the album and started researching it on my own.

I have written the story of that album and its research here: The Line to Lichfield.

When I started, in early 2000, the internet did not yet contain the vast wealth of searchable data it has now, and my research included many trips up to the Family Records Centre in Islington, looking through the huge birth, marriage and death indexes, or going upstairs to scroll through the miles of census microfilms. I also visited the National Archives a few times in order to leaf through the delicate piles of soldiers' records. My honeymoon, in 2002, probably involved a few too many visits to Scottish graveyards for my wife's liking!

In 2018 I added DNA to my research armoury - you can find me on Ancestry, GEDMatch, FTDNA and others. My Y-haplogroup is within what's known as the 'Little Scottish Cluster' (R-S424), the most detailed test so far giving my subclade as R-Z17999 > FT16096. My mtDNA-haplogroup is J1b1a1b.

The story I've uncovered - and am still uncovering - has been fascinating, more so than I could ever have imagined. Family history has given me a stronger sense of identity, helped me to understand how I came to be, where I ended up, and in some ways, who I am. It has given me a very real connection to history and to other people from all walks of life.