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Charlie Chaplin UK was launched in 1997 as a major internet resource for all things Chaplin, with a special focus on events, products and news for fans in the United Kingdom. This aspect included a film showings listing, the old video guide and a television guide. Other sections included a small library of articles, editorials, biographies, a huge chronology (much swiped), exhibition 'rooms', quizzes, comics, and a detailed Chaplin FAQ.

In 2001 it joined with and was transformed into the official website of the international Chaplin Society run by Stephen Burstin, Kevin Brownlow and David Robinson. The Society sadly wound down in November 2002 due to Stephen's work committments taking more time than the Society could allow.

The DVD and video guide remained in its original format throughout all this time, hosted on GeoCities, and in January 2004 was finally moved and updated to reflect the new collections that were released from MK2 in September 2003. The only other live reminder of Chaplin UK is the article on A Woman of Paris. Incidentally, for a few months in 1997, I also had UK guides for Laurel & Hardy on video and silent films on video. With the emergeance of DVD it's very nice to see more silent films being made available, and I'd dread the job of cataloguing everything you can get now.

Chaplin Copyright

Charlie Chaplin is such an identifiable icon that many people just assume he's in the public domain, but there are people you should contact if you wish to use Chaplin's image, films or musical scores for any commercial reason (see below).

As far as Charlie's films go all the Keystone, Essanays and Mutuals are in the public domain as Chaplin never controlled the rights. After that they fall in to the copyright of Roy Export Company Establishment (RECE).

First Nationals (except The Pilgrim) that exist without Charlie's own musical scores are public domain in the USA only, otherwise (Chaplin scored, and/or UK and EEC releases) they are owned by RECE.

All photographs and the Little Tramp image are copyright Roy Export Company Establishment. 'Charles Chaplin', 'Chaplin', 'the Little Tramp' and the names of Chaplin's films are all trademarks and/or service marks of Bubbles Inc. S.A.

For further information and clarification (which should always be sought) please use these links:

Email Addresses: | @bubbles Inc. | @charliechaplin.com | Web Sites: | charliechaplin.com |

Awards given to Chaplin UK

Chaplin UK was awarded the following honours from 1998-2001.

2001 - BBC Online Best of the Web 1998 - Bonus.com Editor's Choice 2000 - Cinemedia Site of the Week

1999 - Asia eOnline Choice Website About Classic Movies Best New Links SchoolsNet Reviewed Site 2000 - tdfilm's Site of the Week


If you'd like to link to the Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide then please feel free to use the following banner, with the URL of http://www.garenewing.co.uk/chaplin/chaplinvideoguide.html

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