The timetables here provide a brief outline of the main events during the two year campaign in Afghanistan, 1878-1880. A more detailed chronology is being worked on for an illustrated publication that is being written, and will be available from this website in due course.

| The Second Anglo-Afghan War | The march to Kandahar |

The Second Anglo-Afghan War
22 Nov Browne captures Ali Musjid
24 Nov Browne occupies Dakka
2 Dec Roberts takes Peiwar Kotal
13 Dec Sher Ali leaves Kabul
20 Dec Browne occupies Jellalabad
2 Jan Roberts starts expedition into Khost Valley
8 Jan Stewart occupies Kandahar
21 Jan Stewart occupies Khelat-i-Ghilzai
21 Feb Sher Ali dies at Mazar-i-Sharif
26 Feb Action at Khushk-i-Nakud
31 Mar River disaster at Kubul River near Jellalabad
2 Apr Battle at Fatehbad
6 Apr Gandamak occupied
22 Apr Action at Kam Dakka
30 Apr Ali Khel occupied
26 May Treaty of Gandamak and end of first campaign
24 Jul Cavagnari arrives in Kabul
3 Sep Massacre of British at Kabul, Cavagnari killed
11 Sep Shutagardan occupied
24 Sep Kushi occupied
26 Sep Yakub Khan leaves Kabul
6 Oct Battle at Charasiab
13 Oct Roberts marches into Kabul
16 Oct Gunpowder explosion at Bala Hissar
19 Oct Shutagardan abandoned after fighting
24 Oct Action at Shajui
28 Oct Abdication of Yakub Khan announced
10 Dec Action at Karez Mir
11 Dec Encounter in the Chardeh Valley
12-13 Dec Action at Takht-i-Shah
14 Dec Attack on Asmai Heights and retreat into Sherpur
15-22 Dec Siege of Sherpur
23 Dec Roberts defeats Afghans at Sherpur and Bala Hissar reoccupied
1 Apr Stewart leaves Kandahar for Kabul
19 Apr Battle at Ahmed Khel
23 Apr Action at Arzu
26 Apr Action at Charasiab
2 May Stewart in Kabul
15 Jun Ayub Khan leaves Herat for Kandahar
14 Jul Wali Mohammad's troops mutiny
22 Jul Abdur Rahman recognised as Amir
27 Jul Battle at Maiwand
6 Aug Ayub Khan besieges Kandahar
8 Aug Roberts leaves Kabul for Kandahar (see below for breakdown)
11 Aug Stewart leaves Kabul for India
16 Aug Sortie on Deh Khoja
31 Aug Roberts reaches Kandahar
1 Sep Battle of Kandahar
22 Apr British evacuate Kandahar

The march to Kandahar 1880 approx. mileage
8 Aug Sherpur to Bini Hissar 6 miles
9 Aug Bini Hissar to Zahidabad 14 miles
10 Aug Zahidabad to Zerghun Shahr 13 miles
11 Aug Zerghun Shahr to Patkao 16 miles
12 Aug Patkao to Amir Kala 11 miles
13 Aug Amir Kala to Haidar Khel 12 miles
14 Aug Haidar Khel to Shashgao 16 miles
15 Aug Shashgao to Ghazni 15 miles
16 Aug Ghazni to Yarghati 20 miles
17 Aug Yarghati to Chardeh 13 miles
18 Aug Chardeh to Karez-i-Oba 17 miles
19 Aug Karez-i-Oba to Mukur 14 miles
20 Aug Mukur to Panjak 21 miles
21 Aug Panjak to Kajai 13 miles
22 Aug Kajai to Baba Kazai 17 miles
23 Aug Baba Kazai to Khelat-i-Ghilzai 17 miles
24 Aug Khelat-i-Ghilzai halt -
25 Aug Khelat-i-Ghilzai to Jaldak 17 miles
26 Aug Jaldak to Tirandaz 17 miles
27 Aug Tirandaz to Pomazai 15 miles
28 Aug Pomazai to Robat 19 miles
29 Aug Robat halt -
30 Aug Robat to Mohmand 8 miles
31 Aug Mohmand to Kandahar 13 miles

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