Yahoo Groups: The Second Anglo-Afghan War

Note: the message group has been inactive for a long time now, but the archive is still available.

This message list is for the discussion and sharing of knowledge in relation to the Anglo-Afghan War of 1878 - 1880 and Britain's continuing occupation through to 1881. It also serves as a message board for the Afghan War Database Project, which is compiling brief biographical details of all those who took part in the two campaigns of the war.

The Afghan War is not a high-profile campaign, but it saw soldiers who had fought in the country forty-years previously in the days of the Honourable East India Company, and it also saw soldiers who would go on to fight and lead in a new kind of war, on the shores of Gallipoli and in the trenches of the Western Front.

Whether you are an academic, a hobbyist, a student or a family historian, you are welcome to this group, which promotes generosity of knowledge whether expert or beginner.

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Some topics already mentioned include...

  • longest living Afghan war veterans
  • temperatures endured by the soldiers
  • Rudyard Kipling's poem about Maiwand
  • Second Anglo-Afghan war fiction
  • a Jack the Ripper suspect in the Afghan war?
  • photo albums of Afghan war collections
  • ... and more, of course...

Reading the London papers at Landi Kotal

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