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Victorian Wars
British military campaigns from 1837 to 1901.

Surname forums and areas of interest.

British Medal Forum
To discuss, educate and assist each other on the subject of British and Commonwealth medals.

Online archives

Search BMD indexes, gazettes, census returns, medal rolls, and WWI-era service records.

Find My Past
BMD indexes, census returns, 19th century army service papers and newspapers.

Scotland's People
Search Scottish BMD records and census returns.

Family Search
The International Genealogical Index (IGI).

India Office Family History Search
... taken from a card index hitherto available only at the British Library.

Medals & dealers

British campaign medals
Wikipedia resource with links to articles on specific medals.

North East Medals
Includes a fantastic British medal guide and good quality images.

Founded in 1666, holders of three Royal Warrants and several records for prices achieved at auction, they offer an unparalleled range of services to anyone wishing to start, add to or dispose of a collection.

Dix Noonan Webb
With thousands of full medal entries it only takes a couple of clicks to ascertain whether DNW has offered a particular item at auction, when the auction took place and how much the medal or group realised.

Aberdeen Medals
... enthusiastically collecting and sourcing medals for more than 35 years.

Also of interest...

Working for a peaceful and secure Afghanistan where Afghans exercise their rights to political freedom and economic opportunity in a country where institutions are held accountable.

The Survival Guide to Kabul
The online version of The Survival Guide to Kabul – the first guide to the city in almost 30 years.

Afghanistan Online
Dedicated to providing the most current, and reliable information on Afghanistan.


What War?
Type in the year and find out what campaigns the British were involved in that year.

Officers Died
The information on this site is intended as a memorial to those listed and has been compiled from various books, casualty lists, medal rolls, newspapers, and memorials. Includes casualties from the 2nd Afghan War.

The British Empire
This site is dedicated to analysing the history of the British Empire: The triumphs, the humiliations, the good that it brought and the bad that it inflicted. Excellent military sections, well written and illustrated.

Nineteenth Century British & Indian Armies and their Soldiers
... presents various 19th Century photographs, campagn medals, and biographical studies of the soldiers represented by these items.

Indian Cemeteries
Searchable site, attempting to preserve the images of graves and monuments before they disappear. It is hoped that they will be useful to historians and genealogists.

Asplin Military History Resources
This site presents various materials and information that may be of interest to the Victorian military historian and researcher.

Maps of Afghanistan
Modern and historical maps including several battle maps from the 1878-1880 war.

The Victorian Web
A general but large overview of Britain and its empire during the reign of Queen Victoria, examing many aspects including politics, entertainment, science, religion and social studies.

Soldiers of the Queen
This (virtual) museum is the end result of many years of collecting photographs of British soldiers taken during the reign of Queen Victoria.

Hussards Photos
Showcases a collection of Hussar photographs, mostly in French (apart from the British page). Still very enjoyable for non-French speakers.

Other Victorian wars

The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839-42
Detailed article and overview from Military History Monthly.

Crimean War 1853-56
The conflict between the Russian Empire and an alliance of the French , British, and Ottoman Empires, and the Kingdom of Sardinia.

Anglo-Persian War 1856-57
The war was caused by the reoccupation of the city of Herat by the Persians.

The Indian Uprising 1857-58 (aka The Indian Mutiny)
One of the best-known episodes of both British imperial and South Asian history and a seminal event for Anglo-Indian relations.

Rorke's Drift 1879
The highest number of Victoria Crosses awarded in a single action.

Ian Knight's Zulu War site
Ian is a leading authority on the nineteenth-century history of the Zulu kingdom, and in particular the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902
The objective of this website to bring together and make available research, pictures and information about the Anglo Boer War.


The Victorian Military Society
The Victorian Military Society is an international society whose principal aim is to encourage and foster the study of military aspects of the Victorian era and up to the beginning of World War I.

Families in British India Society
FIBIS is an organisation devoted to members with an interest in researching their ancestors and the background against which they led their lives in 'British India'. Includes searchable database.

Anglo Zulu War Historical Society
The Society includes the publication of articles, letters and reviews likely to be of interest to students of the Anglo Zulu war of 1879.

The Crimean War Research Society
This Society exists to honour and remember those that fell in the war and to study the war in its entirety. Includes a fascinating documents archive.

Victoria Cross Society
The Society seeks to educate, enlighten, stimulate and further interest and knowledge in the history and personalities associated with the Victoria Cross.

The Indian Military Historical Society
The IMHS was formed to bring together those interested in the military history of the Indian Subcontinent and to encourage research and the exchange of information.

Institutions and Museums

The National Archives
The National Archives is a national resource for anyone interested in documents relating to British history. This is where you find papers relating to men who served in the British Army.

National Army Museum
The National Army Museum is the British Army's own museum. It is the only museum to tell the story of the Army as a whole from Agincourt in the Fifteenth Century to peace-keeping in the Twenty-first Century.

The British Library: Afghanistan: Sources in the India Office Records
Sources for the study of Afghanistan and the archives of the India Office Library.

Firepower: the Royal Artillery Museum
The museum of the Royal Artillery and Europe's widest variety of historic and modern artillery.

Royal Engineers Museum & Library
The Royal Engineers Museum and Library tell the story of the Corps of Royal Engineers and military engineering.

Army Medical Services Museum
The museum tells the tale of army medicine and healthcare, human and animal, from the English Civil War to the current day.

Army Museums Ogilby Trust
The definitive guide to the regimental and corps museums of the British Army throughout the United Kingdom.

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