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Book FAQ
Wednesday 8 August 2007
Since my little announcement about the limited edition Rainbow Orchid book I have received a (very pleasant) flood of emails asking about it, so I thought I'd post a basic FAQ that I think covers everything. Oh - and I will be at Caption in Oxford this Saturday (11 August).
Is it available yet? Is it sold out?
No - it has not yet been published. I think it will be available sometime in October 2007. First chance to buy a copy will go to those signed up to the newsletter as a registered reader.

What are the contents?
It is part one only (that's episodes 1-5, or strips 1-133), in full colour, with a short introduction at the beginning, and a few bits of extra artwork at the end.

How much will it cost?
I am thinking around 25 (tbc). Yes, it is quite high - but the main reason I am producing the book is as a fundraiser, so purchasing it is supporting the continued development of the comic. The price also reflects the fact that this is a one-off limited edition, and each copy will be signed, numbered, and include an original sketch/line drawing by me.

Why only 50 copies?
I want to keep this as a special edition, and limiting the run to 50 copies preserves its rarity, therefore making it... special!

Will the other two parts be published in the same manner?
I'm not sure - there may be a part two, but part three will depend on any publishing contracts that (I hope) will happen. At the moment, this is just a one-off.

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