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Orchid in East Grinstead
Tuesday 26 June 2012
On Saturday I had my book signing at The Bookshop on East Grinstead High Street. I had a great local book launch there back in 2009, and John Pye has been a terrific supporter of my work since then.
Also supportive has been the East Grinstead Courier & Observer, and earlier in the week they ran a nice little feature on me to help support the signing. Then on Saturday morning I made my way to the Meridian FM studio to appear on the Krys O'Brien programme. I had a lovely hour with Krys who gave a really friendly and enjoyable interview.

When I got to The Bookshop I discovered that John had set up a table for me outside - it was a little blowy, but sunny enough (glad I brought my hat!) and I was busy for the full two hours, including signing books for a number of children who had been at my school workshop the previous Monday, and who wanted to complete their sets of books.

I must give mention to two fellow artists who I had the pleasure to meet - especially as a gust of wind blew the paper with their details on half way down the High Street at the end of my stint, and I chased it down and rescued it! Dave Novis is a fabulous animator and visual effects artist (love those Pip the Robot shorts), and Sarah Partington creates an original and chuckle-inducing cartoon called Fingerprint Len. Check them out!

As ever, a huge thanks to everyone who came along to see me on Saturday, and to all those who helped to make it happen. Next event - Waterstones in Deansgate, Manchester, this Sunday!

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Bob, on Tuesday 26 June 2012 at 1:14 pm, says:

Lovely picture.

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