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La Orquidea Arcoiris
Monday 25 June 2012
I'm absolutely delighted to announce that The Rainbow Orchid is to be published in Spanish by Netcom2 Editorial, as La Orquidea Arcoiris.
I couldn't be happier to see my book brought out by Netcom2 as they also publish albums by authors that rank among my own favourites - Jacques Martin (Alix, Lefranc) and Roger Leloup (Yoko Tsuno) to name just two.

César Espona contacted me quite a few months ago to ask about adding The Rainbow Orchid to his enviable list, and with the help of my agent, Oliver Munson at Blake Friedmann, and Iria Villahermosa at their Spanish partners, The Foreign Office in Barcelona, we were able to make this happen.

At the moment, publication is set for somewhere around Christmas 2012 in a hardback format - I will keep you up to date on details as they come. Spanish is one of those languages that I've had emails asking if RO will ever be translated into - and now, at last, I can say yes. Or rather ... sí!

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Linda, on Monday 25 June 2012 at 12:10 pm, says:

FANTASTIC new, Garen! I was wondering, will this be the complete book, coming out about Christmas, or more like the Dutch editions: all three volumes, as hardcovers, released, starting with volume one, and the other to follow. [I am seeing a special launch in Spain.] :-)

Garen, on Monday 25 June 2012 at 3:04 pm, says:

It will be three separate albums, Linda.

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