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Demoncon 2
Tuesday 8 November 2011
On Sunday I attended my one and only public event this year, Demoncon 2 in Maidstone. As a last minute change of plan, Elyssa decided to accompany me and give our 7-month old daughter her first comics event experience! I think she enjoyed it - she was on good form all day and enjoyed going off to the shops to look at all the sparkly and tinsely Christmas decorations that are starting to appear on the shelves.
Demoncon is organised and run by Graham Beadle and his Maidstone comic shop, Grinning Demon. It was a lovely intimate event taking place in a small sandwich bar (Eden in Bank Street, though I believe a bigger venue is on the cards for next year) and had a really nice atmosphere. I have to admit my expectations for sales were modest, but I sold 19 books and a handful of badges and met some great people too (I was delighted to meet the fantastic Phil Elliott after many years of more distant and irregular correspondence).

Huge thanks to Graham, his team, and his shop regulars and other attendees for a very welcoming and enjoyable day.

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