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Artythoughts from Woody
Friday 15 January 2010
I returned from London late last night and was in bed reading a few pages of Eric Lax's Conversations with Woody Allen when I came across the following extract. I'm reproducing it here because of the serendipity of its connection to yesterday's Artythoughts post...
Eric Lax: "... Do you see yourself as an artist?"

Woody Allen: "I have a very realistic view of myself. Some people think it's too much or even fake humility when I say I haven't made a great movie. When I dramatise my observations of life, they say it's cynicism. But in neither case is it either. I'm telling the truth. I don't see myself as an artist. I see myself as a working filmmaker who chose to go the route of working all the time rather than making my films into some special red carpet event every three years. I'm not cynical and I'm far from an artist. I'm a lucky working stiff."

It's not exactly what I was talking about yesterday, but it nicely follows the theme. And highlighting a problem with talking about this kind of thing, we're using the word 'artist' in a different way. Actually that might bring me back to Travesties, where Tristan Tzara says "Doing the things by which is meant Art is no longer considered the proper concern of the artist. In fact it is frowned upon. Nowadays an artist is someone who makes art mean the things he does. A man may be an artist by exhibiting his hindquarters."

That's enough of the quotes!

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