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Collectables, and a bed-time story
Thursday 11 June 2009
Ebay is having a little splurge of Rainbow Orchid stuff at the moment. There's a rare chance to get hold of the original black and white version I put out in 2003 - these sold out a few years ago and don't surface very often. And I also see BAM! issues 24 and 25, which included episodes 3 and 4 of volume one of RO - again, not many of these about. I have no connection with either of the sellers, it's just a heads-up (you can see the publishing history here).
Would you like a bed-time story read to you by the author? Viviane Schwarz has filmed herself reading her excellent and highly original There Are Cats In This Book. I guarantee you will watch and enjoy it with a big grin across your face, and then probably watch it again. (And then you could go and buy yourself a copy too).

What else? So much else! Neill Cameron has bravely started Neill's A-Z of Awesomeness, inspired (he generously says) by my own A-Z of Comic Strip Characters. Go and join the Facebook group and join in the fun!

My author friend, Julie Corbin, has launched her website. Go and visit, and if you like what you see, order her book, Tell Me No Secrets - it's a cracking read.

So much more I wanted to waffle on about, but I must rustle up some dinner. So I'll just end off by checking - have you visited the Super Comics Adventure Squad recently? Always some lovely stuff going on there.

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