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The DFC news and links
Saturday 26 April 2008
In case you didn't know, The DFC - the new weekly comic coming from David Fickling Books at the end of May - is now accepting subscriptions, and there is a special introductory offer until May 19th.
You can order your subscription from this web page here. If you're thinking you'll wait until you see it on the shelves of your local W H Smiths - don't! It is only available through subscription (for now). And you don't have to be a kid either - yes, it's primarily aimed at kids, but the appeal will be much wider.

I'm pretty excited by it, and even if I wasn't a contributor, I'd be a subscriber. It's got Philip Pullman, John Aggs, Neill Cameron, David Shelton, the Etherington Brothers... and many more that are yet to be announced. I've seen some of their work on the DFC office walls, and it'll blow your socks off.

If you signed up for The DFC newsletter, then yesterday you'll have got a sneaky peek at many of the weird and wonderful characters that will be appearing in the comic's pages over the next few months. And if you saw The Comic in last week's Guardian (with Cora's Breakfast by Nick Abadzis - wonderful) then you'll have seen the competition (for under 16's) to win an invite to the DFC launch party on May 15th. Not only will Philip Pullman be there, but Jacqueline Wilson too!

To see how The DFC works, go and see this great little strip by current Desperate Dan artist Jamie Smart.

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