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Brush pen
Thursday 21 August 2008
I bought some new pens a couple of days ago with one of them being a brush pen - something I've heard lots about but never used before. This is just a quick sketch to try it out (grey-washed with the water from my rinse-pot!)

In other news, go and watch this video - it features Hergé, Goscinny, Uderzo and Franquin! (via)

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Super Animal Adventure Squad - Beesley
Sunday 10 August 2008
The latest issue of The DFC (no.11) has just seen the final episode of Super Animal Adventure Squad in 'The Teatime of Doom' by James Turner. Every single episode has given me hearty chuckles aplenty, but one of my favourites was in issue 8, which featured Beesley taking on a giant mutant ant all by himself.
As with Neill's Mo-Bots, I thought I'd have a go at James' 'Learn to Draw Beesely' (download the sheet from this link) and here are the results!

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Back to School... MoBot High!
Friday 8 August 2008
A funny thing happened to my mobile phone the other day... it suddenly started blipping and downloading something odd. The next thing I knew I was being challenged to a duel by a 14-year old girl who appeared to have a huge digital robot standing right behind her. This is what happens when you go to Mo-Bot High, a school with a rather unusual break-time activity, and the name of the comic strip created by Neill Cameron that has been running in The DFC these past few weeks.
Recently Neill put up a 'How to draw a Mo-Bot' sheet on his blog, so I thought I'd quickly get one together, as per his instructions. After all, I've got a 14-year old girl to fight!

(Click on the pic to see the finished version)

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Quick sketch
Wednesday 18 July 2007
Have been away from drawing for a while, so a quick ink sketch of Tardi's Adele Blanc-Sec to oil the gears.
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Thirty years of Star Wars
Friday 25 May 2007
It was thirty years ago today that Star Wars had its release in the US (we didn't get it in the UK until December 1977). Like all children of a certain age (I was 8) that film, and its two sequels, had a profound impact on me. To celebrate, here's another from the archives - my first ever published drawing in a fanzine from 1984...
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Happy birthday Hergé
Tuesday 22 May 2007
Today is the 100th birthday of Georges Remi - Hergé - creator of Tintin. Here's a portrait I drew back in 1991 (16 years ago... yikes!).
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Little Nemo
Saturday 14 April 2007
Quick drawing for today - Winsor McCay's Little Nemo, off and away into dreamland again.

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Happy Easter
Saturday 7 April 2007
Have a good Easter weekend - make good use of it!
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Astro Boy
Wednesday 4 April 2007
Today, a quick drawing of Astro Boy...
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Tuesday 14 November 2006
Here's a quick drawing of Sonya the Huge and Herbert from the Donjon (Dungeon) series by Lewis Trondheim, Joann Sfar, Christophe Blain and Kerascoet. Sonya is quite a maternal figure, and with that in mind this is dedicated to Paul (fellow Dungeon fan) and Rebecca, who have just had a brand new daughter, Olivia.
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Batgirl meme
Saturday 14 January 2006
Had to have a go at this, though I'm not entirely certain what Batgirl looks like these days.
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The Zenith Stone
Tuesday 22 November 2005
It is ten years since my mum died and I wanted to spend part of the day thinking about the story she wrote which I am going to adapt into a comic strip. Rainbow Orchid is the priority right now, but I at least did a little concept drawing to get things moving on the anniversary. It's not a massive project, but a very important one.
For another part of the day, I had a dentist appointment, and went in for a filling, ending up with root canal 'therapy'! It wasn't too bad, just left with a dull ache. Something on the Brighton Expo a little later.

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Tuesday 27 September 2005
Remember letters? Those things we used to write before the magic of email? I love email, it's fantastic, it saves trees, it's cheap and instant (in theory). But there's something to miss about letters. The flop of a big pile of post in the morning that was mostly interesting, not junk. Pages of handwriting, or even typing. Postmarks and international stamps. And quite often, especially when writing to dozens and dozens of comic strip-types, lovely doodles!
I loved getting doodles, and while looking through a letter file recently I noticed a little batch of them and thought I'd put them here.

I think I'd better start off with Andy, as I'm sure anyone who has received letters from him knows they rarely come without doodles, often on the envelope too, and they're all marvellous.

Here's an interesting pair, the one on the left is from Gavin Burrows, and the one on the right from Nigel Lowrey, both circa 1996-97.

These next are from a 4-page letter by a certain Warren Ellis, before he'd made it as a comic god, but was definitely on his way.

Here's a nice little batch of three; Adrian Bamforth (before doing anything for 2000AD), Steve Harrison (newspaper cartoonist and letterer) and Stephen Prestwood.

You might recognise the one on the right as it's on my Rainbow Orchid readers' art page, and comes from Colin Mathieson of Zulu: Watercart Rescue fame. The one on the left is a rare sketch from Paul H. Birch, I think asking me to make a demon I'd drawn a bit more hairy. Paul's letters are like mini scrapbooks and I'm often as fascinated at the back of each 'scrap' page as I am at what he's writing.

And lastly - on the left is a drawing by Tunnels & Trolls author Ken St. Andre's daughter (then aged about 12, I think), Jillian, and on the right a quick lesson from the excellent Tony O' Donnell, helping me to make some figure drawing a little more dynamic!

I love them all, wonderful stuff.

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Temporary home
Sunday 1 May 2005
As a present for Ellie's mum and her husband I have done a line drawing of their cottage where we have been living since the end of February. There's a lovely cherry blossom in the front garden which is in full bloom right now, and at the slightest breeze it snows pink petals.
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Jacques Shoerac
Tuesday 14 September 2004
I know, it's terribly silly, but it's been in my head for days and I had to evict it onto paper...

Jacques Shoerac
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