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More colour
Saturday 30 June 2007
Episode 5 is now fully in colour. For those of you who are aware of the old currency - that's all of 'book one'. I have six-and-a-half more pages (26 strips) to do for the whole of the story so far to be in colour.
I have also been making important steps forward with the script in the past week. Thanks for sticking with me!
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Wednesday 27 June 2007
I know there hasn't been an update on the strip for a while, but I am colouring and writing. More to come...
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Recent work
Monday 18 June 2007
A few bits of some of the work done in the last couple of weeks...
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Crowd scene
Wednesday 13 June 2007
Linda Wada has sent a wonderful piece of artwork that shows all the characters from Rainbow Orchid. There's a smaller version below, but go to the readers art section to see a bigger version.

In other news, I find myself quoted in an article about the Tintin/Bill Leak cartoons from The Australian - see the very last paragraph. To see where it's quoted from, see the full article here - I'm not quite so hard on Moulinsart really when you read the whole thing.

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Why do we do comics?
Friday 8 June 2007
Recently I discovered Jason, and after just two books I'm an admirer. I first tried 'Why Are You Doing This?' and loved it, so sought out another and spotted 'The Left Bank Gang' in a not-too-local comic shop. It's even better.

The above panel is from 'The Left Bank Gang' and it leads into a conversation between comic creators James Joyce and Ernest Hemmingway that all comic creators, I'm sure, will find funny - it'll probably make you laugh and cry at the same time thanks to its relevance!

Joyce says "It's because we read comics when we were kids... If we'd played football or climbed trees we'd be normal today. We'd have real jobs. We'd be bus drivers or carpenters and we'd be happy... It's too late now. It's the only thing I know how to do. I can't drive a bus, or hit a nail with a hammer. I can tell a story in tiny pictures and **** up my eyesight a little more every day... We're ******, that's what we are." He then asks Hemmingway "What.. you want to do something else?" to which Hem replies "No, but... I'm tired of fretting about money all the time, not knowing if I'll be able to pay next month's rent... It would be wonderful... to be able to buy myself an apartment, or an automobile, nice things, basically. I've got a wife and a son, for Christ's sake! What kind of life is this for a grown man?"

It's a wonderful sequence, and a wonderful book.

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