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Monday 23 April 2012
Many apologies for not being able to attend DemonCon 3 yesterday - I was struck down by illness and left it to the last minute to decide whether to go, hoping I'd improve, but unfortunately not. I'm really disappointed not to have made it.
I must also apologise for the fact that The Rainbow Orchid vol 3 is still not up on my online shop. I have the stock sitting here, but I'm so busy with work right now (even more so since I've had a couple of days off ill) that I can't find the time to update the web-page, and I'd also find it quite difficult to fulfil the orders at the moment, anyway. Hopefully it won't be too long, but probably not this week.

My third apology goes to everyone who is awaiting an email response from me. I'm way behind on my emails and can currently only deal with urgent work-related ones.

I'll catch up at some point - I promise!

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