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Drivetime talkiness!
Tuesday 7 February 2012
Yesterday lunchtime I was asked if I'd appear later that afternoon on the Simon Mayo Drivetime show (BBC Radio 2) to talk about comics. This was in response to 9-year old William who had come up with his own comic about a super-powered frog and his adversary - an evil toilet! It was good fun, if a bit of a blur down the phone, and I'm rather glad I didn't realise, at the time, that the show had somewhere in the region of five million listeners, though I knew there were quite a lot!
It wasn't really a piece where I was able to promote The Rainbow Orchid in particular - though it got a good mention, of course, and I also managed to give mentions to The Beano, The Dandy, Toxic and The Phoenix. It's available on the BBC iPlayer to listen to for the next week, roughly 20 minutes in.
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