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A Woman of Paris
Plot Outline

A country girl (Marie St. Clair) and her fiancee (Jean Millet) plan to elope to Paris, their parents opposing the marriage. On the night they mean to leave, Marie buys the tickets at the railway station while Jean returns home to pack, but while he is home his father succumbs to a heart attack and dies. Marie, unaware of what has happened, goes on to Paris alone.

A year goes by. Marie's fortunes have changed and she has become attached to a wealthy bachelor by the name of Pierre Revel, living a rich life in prominent social circles with her own apartment. One day she discovers that Pierre is to marry someone else. Though he casually says they can still carry on seeing each other, she doesn't see how they can. Marie's friends try to cheer her up and invite her to a wild party but she goes to the wrong apartment and discovers her past lover, Jean, living there with his mother. He is trying to make it as a painter, and seeing the poverty they live in Marie commissions him to paint her portrait. They try to remain cool with each other, but an old flame has been reignited.

After a few sittings, Jean proposes to Marie. She leaves, unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, Jean's mother, who had overheard the proposal, persuades him not to get involved with Marie again. To calm his mother down, he agrees, but this time Marie has overheard, her mind is made up - she will stay with Pierre. When Jean sees that Marie had come back to him, he blames his mother and rushes out with a loaded handgun in his pocket. He follows Marie to a club, where she is enjoying herself with Pierre. Getting into a fight with the wealthy bachelor, Jean is thrown out. Distraught and depressed, he shoots himself.

Upon hearing of her son's death, Jean's mother takes up the gun, meaning to kill Marie, but returning to her apartment she is moved to see her crying over Jean's body. They are reconciled and start a new life together, back in the country, helping to raise orphans.

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